Restoration of antique furniture

Are you looking for a craftsman who will be able to give your antique furniture a new lease of life?

A reliable person who will be able to give you honest advice and faithfully restore your antique furniture? Would you like to have your family furniture restored? Or to have a valuable piece of antique furniture repaired? Or to restore your family secretary to give it a second life?

Our priority: to offer you quality catering

The restoration of quality furniture is a delicate job that requires expertise and know-how. Samuel Dobbelaere has more than 30 years of experience in this field and can offer you quality work, always respecting your instructions and preserving the origin of your antique furniture.

Whether it’s a table, chairs, or exceptional furniture from the Haute Epoque, such as an inlaid chest of drawers, a console or a desk, Samuel Dobbelaere will restore your furniture with the greatest care, respecting the integrity of the furniture entrusted to us. The priority is to always keep one important element in mind: a quality restoration is in principle invisible!

From a simple refreshment to a thorough restoration of your period furniture

There are several restoration techniques and methods to give your furniture a second life. Depending on the condition of your antique furniture, Samuel can offer you a light refreshment equivalent to a delicate cleaning or a more specific polishing.

In the case of a more extensive restoration or repair, Samuel will apply the most appropriate technique that will respect your furniture. It is quite possible to reproduce a part of a broken or worn piece, to proceed with a veneer graft (an inlay), to replicate all or part of the marquetry, or even to perform a deep depolishing of your collection furniture.

In any case, you can rely on Samuel Dobbelaere’s expertise and honesty to advise you properly in the refurbishment or restoration of your antique furniture. Our watchwords? Quality and meticulous workmanship!

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