Sale of quality furniture

Are you looking to buy quality furniture at a reasonable price?

A collector's item or a piece of art furniture? Do you want to sell your quality furniture? You can rely on Samuel Dobbelaere's 30 years of expertise and his good advice to offer you a range of quality furniture from his workshop.

Unrestored quality collectible furniture at a very reasonable price

Throughout the year, Samuel Dobbelaere finds a range of quality and collectible furniture and offers it for sale. Some of the furniture is first restored before being sold, others are carefully stored and await a new buyer. Why do we do this? Simply because they are in good condition or because their restoration could compromise their historical integrity.

Quality furniture found by a passionate craftsman!

Samuel DOBBELAERE remains above all a craftsman of antique furniture with a passion for the restoration of quality furniture. He offers furniture for sale that he has unearthed in the four corners of Belgium and sometimes much further afield. All the furniture offered for sale is of high quality.

Some examples of quality and collectible furniture available regularly : Italian XVII enfilade furniture, large XVIII Dutch display cabinets, XVIIII empire tables, Italian tables, Spanish tables, Japanese furniture, XVII display cabinets, XVII Italian chests of drawers, Louis XV style consoles, XVIIII mirror, XVII English 2-body mahogany furniture, etc. Discover some examples in our gallery of collectible furniture.

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